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iPhone 5s even better for life-logging

The recently-announced iPhone 5S includes an M7 coprocessor, which means that life-logging apps can now do their thing without being such battery hogs. The M7 “knows when you’re walking, running, or even driving” and it can track activity without requiring the power-hungry A7 chip that is used for regular applications.  Nike has announced Nike+ Move as the first app to take advantage of the M7.


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iPod Nano now with video camera, voice recording and pedometer

Apple has announced a new tool for Total Recall recoding: a version of the iPod Nano that will record video, voice and even track your steps. Now all those kids listening to music will also be able to add to their lifelogs. Of course, many cell phones already record video and voice, and can even log your location with GPS. What’s next? Maybe some biometric logging, a la bodybugg?

Video of Nano announcement

iPod Nano features page

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