The Wisdom of Gordon Bell: things “self identifying and tracked throughout their lives”

In 2012 I asked Gordon Bell if he thought Trōv was a good idea. “It’s inevitable” he told me, and then threw his weight behind it by joining the board of directors. No wonder: 6 years earlier he was leading a seminar in Australia called “The Enterprise of the Future:  When All Things Have a Digital Identity” that included the following in its description:

We imagine that all manufactured goods from automobiles… to sheetrock will be self identifying and tracked throughout their lives inside and outside their creating organization. People and organizations can have “perfect inventory” i.e. they know the whereabouts and state of all items and associated transactions at all times.

Gordon anticipated this trend as part of Bell’s Law of Computer Classes – a corollary to Moore’s Law that predicts the emergence of smaller, cheaper classes of computing over time. In the same seminar he explains the basis for his predictions:

Most information technologies are evolutionary, though they appear to be revolutionary because they have changed over a billion-fold since their inception.  Future capabilities can be accurately determined.

As the world catches up with Gordon’s vision, it is my job at Trōv to make incredible software that helps you benefit from every thing you own.


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