Robert Scoble says he would make his Trōv public


Trōv CEO Scott Walchek and I recently did an interview with Robert Scoble. It was lots of fun, but I enjoyed the post-interview discussion even more. We got into privacy or the lack thereof in the world, and Robert was leaning towards the “share everything, who cares?” point of view. I asked him “if we made a Trōv for you would you make it public?” – thinking that he would have to concede a desire for keeping what he owns private. But he answered with an emphatic “yes.”

As anyone who has heard me talk about life-logging knows, I am very private with my own lifebits (“I am a life-Logger not a life-Blogger”). So this attitude really blows my mind. But who knows? Maybe Robert is onto something. I think perhaps we should take him at his word and create his Trōv to find out.


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