Sensors everywhere – even in lightbulbs

In Total Recall, we predict a proliferation of sensors. It seems that eventually nearly everything than can be instrumented will be. What does “nearly everything” include? Well, how about your lightbulbs? Lyndsay Williams, the inventor of the SenseCam, has invented the SenseBulb. This lightbulb watches over you from above, but with a view to temperature, not what is visible, as the BBC explains:

the device uses four sensors known as thermopiles – the same kind of detector found in heat-seeking missiles. They sense temperature differences accurately and over a short time from a narrow angle.

Lindsay envisions the bulb being used for “Assisted Living  and Alzheimer’s  patients” detecting

…incidents in the home, e,g, a door left open, cooker unattended  or somebody fallen in the bathroom. A text message is  sent to a mobile phone. SenseBulb is also useful for security systems in the home and office.

It can even notice “the cold draft from the cat flap,” sending Lyndsay a text message when her cat goes in and out.

Where will we find sensors next?


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