Cnet reviews Total Recall

Ready or not, time to grapple with e-memory by Stephen Shankland.

Just because Gordon Bell and Jim Gemmell are way out there on the nerd spectrum, don’t ignore what they have to say in their new book, “Total Recall.”

The Microsoft researchers obsessively record e-mails, photos, videos, phone calls, health records, financial transactions, Web site visits, and everything else they can in an attempt to electronically compensate for the fallibility of their own biological memories. Before you recoil at the prospect of letting your own life become this digitally augmented, though, consider that it will be whether you want it or not…

The book is a useful, accessible work from people who’ve already examined the issue in technical detail…

…I’m a ways out there on the nerd spectrum, too. But with ordinary folks carrying camera-enabled smartphones, e-mailing their way through work, and socializing through status updates, brace yourself for e-memory to arrive in your life.




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