Lifestream Backup rescues your stranded e-memories

In Total Recall, we bemoan web sites that have a stranglehold on your online e-memories. If it is not easy to make a copy of everything they store, then you are at the site’s mercy to retain your e-memories. Sites go out of business, or may just be sloppy with your data and lose some. Then, it is goodbye blog post, email, bookmark and so on. A manual process for each item would be way too much work to be practical; it must be one-step for a full backup, or, even better, fully automatic.Enter the entrepreneurs. Lifestream Backup makes a backup of your online life at facebook, twitter, wordpress, photobucket, and more. You provide your login credentials for each service, and then they make regular backups, sending you an email to confirm when each backup is complete. They use Amazon S3 to store the backup, and also allow you to download the backup to your PC for extra protection.

Hat tip to cnet

This post originally appeared on the Total Recall Blog


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