Cafe O’Lei in Kihei, Maui

The Cafe O’Lei – "Where the locals like to go" said a few guide books, so I had to check it out.
The Cafe O’Lei is in the Rainbow Mall on South Kihei Road (here’s an interactive map showing the location). You walk up a set of outdoor stairs to get to the front door, and it’s subdued look combined with the upstairs location make it not all that noticable. Thank goodness for the tips in the guidebooks! It was well worth checking out.
"I’ll try the French onion soup," I told the waiter.
"That’s the Maui onion soup," he corrected me.
Made with sweet Maui onions and a puff pastry on top, the soup was delicious. I insisted my wife give it a try on our next visit.
There is a bar in the center of the restaurant, and a sushi bar at the back.
I also tried some sushi, which seemed fine to me, but I’m not that experienced a sushi eater, so others should pronounce on it.
My parents also went to Cafe O’Lei on my recommendation and came back raving about the Mahi Mahi. They had two variations of the dish, one macadamia crusted, both of which were prounounced delicious.
When I want good food, but don’t feel like dropping big bucks on a fancy Wailea restaurant, Cafe O’Lei will be my first pick.

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